Friday, May 28, 2010

La Roux.

What a magical night.

The pyrotechnic lights. Blue. White. Sometimes Purple and pink. Dazzling. Her tunes are so danc-y, it makes me wanna rock out all night. The night was groovy, and it was a wonderful birthday present from Vivian.

It even ended climatically as tears of JOY fell down my face when Bulletproof ended the night. I was so happy to feel like I was Bulletproof. I screamed and completely embodied the words that she wrote.

I was with a kickass group of four of my friends. Even in the moment I knew - this is one of life's greatest moments.

I danced with a couple of gay friends that were strangers an hour before. :P

I was just laughing, singing my heart out, surrounded by passionate La Roux fans, and sipping on a really good Hurricane next to a few of the people I love.

La Roux is awesome. She's strong and she's powerful. She has a tomboyishness about her that I see in myself. She's pencil-thin but who cares? She is simply obese with swagger. :)

Check out my favorite songs by La Roux - Colourless Color and Tigerlily.

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