Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magnolia Hotel.

It was a day of new experiences and joy.

My homeboys Freddy and Kyle had the grandest adventure you could have on a weekday.

We first met at Cabo for food and drinks. We then decided, let's find a Spec's to make some drinks. We go on the Metro Rail for the first time. We gather up on our goods, and make our way back to Kyle's hotel - the Magnolia.

We make our drinks and carry them to the rooftop pool. It's beautiful. I lay down on the reclined poolside chairs and talk to Freddy about life. We make jokes about the lights going on and off in the buildings around us. There are a few stars in the night sky. I would love to sleep like this every night. It's peaceful. It's still. It makes me think outside of my own condition, and be aware of those around me. That's what I like most about seeing the other buildings in the night sky.

We retreated back to the fitness room when it was 11 o' clock and the pool was closed. We worked on the fitness machines, and it was the greatest time to watch Kyle break the treadmill with the fitness ball. :)

I say this all the time in my head, but really LIFE IS SO SHORT - YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT UP. WEEKDAY OR NOT. You have no idea when your time will be up.

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