Friday, June 11, 2010

Real Talk.

Genuine conversations are something really key in my life. I feel a bit antsy if it's been too long without having them.

I ran into an acquaintance I never had the pleasure of really talking to, that happened to know the person I had an appointment with. So while they stopped to say hello, I lit up because my worlds collided! [I love that feeling.] Anyway, I had a bit of time to just chat one-on-one and to see what this person was all about.

I heard great things, but now was the time to sort out fact from fiction. I've met plenty of people that were exactly what others described to me, and in my mind, I could only say to myself, why did it take so long for me to really get to know you? We could have been becoming better friends this whole time! With this acquaintance - this was definitely the case.

He said he was just on Facebook and relaxing after his class, so I plopped my purse down, sat next to him, and began the sacred process. It's only sacred when it is done right of course. It's the gentle give and take where no matter what question you ask, it's a further probe to getting to know an individual. You can learn something from anyone, that point I will always concede, but there are just some people you meet that makes it easier for you to realize this truth. And again - this was true.

One of the best things is knowing you're going to get along - just the chemistry - not in a romantic sense, just the connection from soul-to-soul, knowing they are another spirit that simply gets it. On the same wavelength. Most of the time is spent exchanging useful information and not clarifying misunderstandings and having to overcome prejudgments or sometimes that person hasn't cleared any space on their map for what your map is all about.

We talked about a lot of philosophical and career questions - what it means to be in business, creating a business, barriers we've run into, how we're planning to overcome them, some of our past struggles, and listening to the experiences that have single-handedly shaped who we are.

It was pretty deep for a lazy Friday afternoon, I won't lie. :)

But I truly enjoyed it. I've been in that same computer lab dozens of times, having all sorts of conversations with people, always juggling things, but here we were in the moment, the backdrop not mattering but the person in front of me. He got a few phone calls and said, no I'll call back, I'm in the moment, and this conversation matters to me. :)

My day was positively influenced by him and I'm sure it was two fold. He shared something with me that he has only shared with his lawyer, so I'm sure being able to articulate the words and say it was liberating to him.

Win-win situation!

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