Monday, June 28, 2010

BE Team #8.

There was nothing better I've felt in a long time than screaming my heart out "GOOD AFTERNOON! IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!" to inaugurate the new Beyond Excellence Team #8.

After Team # 7 did their happy hug fest and whoopin and hollering, Dharmi and I had to show our pride. We had to show them what Team #6 was all about.

And boy did it feel GOOD.

I was entirely emotional during the whole graduation. All walls broke down when I saw the new graduates yelling out their vision statements. Just the intensity, the look in the faces of those that were about to unleash a whole lot of tenacity in this world of "good enough". I cried because I knew I had drifted. I cried because I saw in their faces, and felt what they felt, something that I couldn't bring out of myself for weeks. It's like a smell that you've known, once you smell it again, no matter how long it has been, it triggers you right back to that moment. The expressions on their faces and the powerful hand gesticulations is something I needed to see and hear.

I remembered the barriers I went through. I remember how I was dozens of times stronger once I left BE than when I was in BE. This is the place where I can be outrageously loud and scream my face off, cry my eyes out, and show my MF'ing bones and be considered absolutely normal.

I love myself. I told the new BE Team # 8, that it's about being a part of the Discover Family. It's about making every day a party, and you bring it to the table every day. When you wake up every morning, the world will ask - what time it is? And it's your choice to respond, it's time for me to wake up and make it a great day.

Thanks Team #8 for bringing that vitality and vigor I've forgotten.

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