Saturday, July 10, 2010


There's just something special in my new group of friends and I can just feel it.

It was definitely confirmed over the weekend, and I think Grant said it best. He mentioned that it was funny, there's no denying that each and every one of the people in our group is an overachiever. Yet, we don't talk about it. It's an implied thing, and up until now, I've forgotten. I sometimes take for granted how people feel about upholding commitments and just following up like they say they would, but it has been so surprising to me. They are just a really good group of people that work very hard and have wonderful values. It makes sense really. In order to be hired by such a competitive company, we had to overachieve to get where we are. Every intern in our group has a level of ambition that we don't wear on our sleeves, for fear of appearing one-dimensional, so even when we are trying to let loose and go crazy, we still have our morals intact. And it amazes me. My work has been a great way of meeting really good friends. Here I was thinking that I may not make lifelong friends here. I have a really awesome feeling about this group.

It's the little things. Like calling me to see if I'm lost or texting me about going out when it was mentioned earlier in the day. It's thinking of me, when they could 'forget'. It's really fantastic.

We all want to do the right thing, and we end up actually doing it. Sounds simpler than it is. I can think of multiple instances for each person in my group, in which they did the right thing in a circumstance where they could have not done anything at all. For example, one of the boys took the initiative to plan out a birthday event for another intern, sent out the details, took care of all the logistics, and cooked burgers, and really thought about the details. He got a cheesecake because that's the only cake the birthday boy liked, and he had to really dig deep to find out. It's these things that tell me wow, these are really good people. They care. And they look out for everyone. They're caring. Considerate. Sweethearts. Top-notch people.

Also, yesterday when I had trouble finding a friend's house in Austin, she called and then eventually I found her place. We talked about it the next day and she told me she was paranoid and worried that I was severely lost. It was a signal to me that she was sincerely invested in my safety and my well-being. That sentiment is certainly rare to come by, and it shows that she has great values.

I could go on with these anecdotes, but the main point I'm driving home at is, they lead by example, and I'm happy to know such a great group of people care about each other and genuinely will do the right thing.

So just by being around them, I am inspired to bring my A-game and pay it forward and stepping up when I see a need. I just go ahead and fulfill it, because that's what they do too.

One of the best nights I've ever had in my life. Sixth Street with wonderful people, and tubing on the Guadalupe today.

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