Friday, July 9, 2010

Work Challenge.

This is the first work crisis, scratch that, HUGE OBSTACLE, I'm facing.

So Thursday I had my weekly meeting with my supervisor. She let me know of another assignment she wanted to give me - it was simple, just compile the powerpoint for a really important meeting with the GM/CIO of our group. So I would have to coordinate with my team, who have various projects going on to give ~2-3 slides for them to present. No rework, just the most pertinent information distilled for the CIO.

Anyway, she reminds me of the meeting on Monday (RAMP meeting) and says it'd be a good time to demo my SharePoint site, or what I have of it so far. I agree to it, all the while thinking in the back of my mind - oh my gosh. I AM GOING TO AUSTIN THIS WEEKEND. AND I AM OFF TOMORROW.

As of now, I have the User Reference Guide Materials DONE. That looks pretty, and I hope it's good enough to go, but the Community of Practice and FRONT PAGE aren't done. The Front Page is probably something that I should prioritize if I have to choose which one I emphasize this weekend, being it is what everyone sees first. I must also say that, this week just on Tuesday, I got direction from Pam (SharePoint ETC team) and a double-check on my organization chart and on Thursday, my supervisor wants me to demo it on Monday. So I literally, have had NO time. But I will definitely manage and look back on it and SMILE at this huge challenge.

So I leave the meeting, knowing what I'm walking into this weekend. It's time to pull out the alter-ego Clutch. The one that shall get things done.

I'm going to have the BEST time in my life with my best friends and work friends on Friday and Saturday afternoon. But Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday morning, all belongs to doing an excellent job preparing so that I'm ready to rock and roll for both of my meetings at 9AM and 10AM. WOW.

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