Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inception Part 2.

I absolutely loved it again.

I understood it a whole lot more. And it's something that still gets me..

When Dom says, "I've had my time with you, Mal. We did grow old together." That touches my heart.

Also, what jumped out at me was the music, even more than before. So haunting. So pressing. It just screams at you, there's so much at stake, can't you understand?!!

The time differential still gets me. 5 minutes in real life is an hour in a dream. So when you go down different layers, 10 seconds - 3 minutes - 20 minutes - and there's Saito's limbo.

Inception is such a powerful idea. An idea is more powerful than anything. Once it catches, it's near impossible to shake off.

Positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.

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