Friday, July 23, 2010


In reference to my post where I discuss getting over this boy I was in love with... an update to that is, I read the situation correctly. So when I was at Woodrow's with the group on Thursday, she pulled me aside and asked what I knew about the weekend. I said, I knew nothing. Just that midtown happenings were happening. She said, well, you're out of the loop. She said, "He and I made out this weekend. Very publicly."

The way I reacted was one of non-reaction. I was well prepared, surprisingly, more than I expected for what she had to say. My role in getting over him had to change too. It had to change to being supportive for my friends if they want to pursue each other.

What threw me off was how aloof he was being with her. He purposely abandoned the group at one point to get a ticket and to stand and get a great view while we played cornhole. It was so strange. Before I knew that my friends made out together, I wanted to focus attention on everyone else. It was a bit obvious as there was only 5 people, but that was for my own sanity. I needed to ease in back into some kind of friendship with him, and it couldn't be by focusing all of my attention on him. I wanted to cultivate relationships with the other guys and my gal.

I had fun. My friend let me know that she is in 'girl crazy' mode where she's wondering if he likes her or not. I smiled, not in a way where I took pleasure in her pain, no, it was one of commiseration. I was in her shoes a week and a half ago. I fought those demons, and I fought it fast. I have no idea of her sheer strength, but I'm pulling for her to not let him get the best of her like he did from me.

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