Thursday, July 8, 2010


Operating on a few hours of sleep, I drove to Texas City to handle a ticket I received earlier this year driving back from Galveston when I realized my relatives were staying at the beach house, so I couldn't fix up the place yet.

I spent the night at Vivian's house, and we watched Taken, which shows a very careful Liam Neeson being a vigilante and taking out the captors of his daughter when she travels abroad. I now understand what it means to be safe, and I don't ever chide anyone nowadays for taking extra precautionary measures. Liam Neeson is a protector and a great father who loves his daughter so much, he'd do anything to save her. With all the action scenes going on, that's what got to me the most. The unconditional parental love.

So I was at Vivian's house in West Houston and woke up (a bit sleep-deprived) to drove to Texas City to submit my forms, and finally I drove back near downtown to my house.

Wow. It feels like I've been around the world. It's the power of belief. :)

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