Thursday, July 29, 2010

Managing Stress.

How do you sum up your 2 month and a half experience in 10 minutes?

It's a bit overwhelming.

I needed to also facilitate a presentation that was at first to be attended by the GM of Tech Computing and CIO of my technology company but he had to cancel at the last minute.

Obstacle 1: A gentleman and a woman were having an ad-hoc meeting in one of the IDE rooms right when I was supposed to begin setting up. My supervisor gave me one of those terse commands to tell them that we had the room reserved. I went in the room, and politely knocked, let them know that we indeed had the room reserved. They looked up their own reservations, had the incorrect time zone, yet still pushed back. It was discovered that they ignored the prompt to connect and therefore, caused more issues. They eventually left. We lost a precious 10 minutes.

Obstacle 2: The laptop I hooked up to the network did not pull up my powerpoint because it did not have My Documents. When I thankfully tried to open Outlook (I sent the powerpoints to my supervisor earlier), it needed to restart outlook, and it cost me a few minutes and made me extra-aware of every second it was taking.

Once pulled up, there were a few adjustments my supervisor wanted to make. Compounding the stress together, I did the best I could.

It certainly wasn't my favorite moments at my internship, but it taught me about handling corporate stress, and how it feels to have something fall apart in front of your team. Things ended up going well and I did a dry-run that was well-received, despite my complete lack of preparation. It just goes to show, people aren't out to attack and maim you. Show your heart, show your bones and you'll be okay. Also, it doesn't mean one shouldn't prepare, but most of the time, there won't be enough safeguards to make us feel prepared. One must leap, and the net will follow.

The net appeared, many times today when I saw absolutely nothing in sight.

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