Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Positive Emotion.

Positive emotion will trump negative emotion every time.

If I have a chance to smile, I will choose it over frowning, every time.

Today, a friend that promised to see me before he left work apologized for not coming by. The reasoning was his friend was leaving and he couldn't say bye.

I thought the answer was a load of bull. But I was stressed out, so I noted that and wanted to move on immediately. I said, "It's alright" and closed the chat window.

I didn't get a response, and because of the day, thought nothing of it.

Later on, I get a text - it was him saying him and a friend were going to Flying Saucer. He asks if I'm going. I say, probably not, I'll be working still. He offers to buy me a drink and says to come out. I send a smiley face. He says, I guess that means yes. It does.

So I go there, and I'm happy as a clam. I get a drink, and he takes care of it for me, just like he promised. Smooth. In a ninja-like way. I didn't even notice. He also said, I can tell when people close the windows of Communicator you know. I was like, wait. How? What. No. And he explained. I felt so bashful for closing the window right after responding. It made my angst seem so transparent. I never try to pour my frustrations on anyone. The negativity ends with me, I like to say.

He really cared. I appreciate that. In the movie Inception, Dom says, people yearn for reconciliation. Tis true.

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