Monday, July 26, 2010

Skydiving Part 2.

It was even better this time.

I was chewed out by the Deli cook when I decided not to grab a bite to eat. "Have you taken chemistry? Do you know what happens when adrenaline mixes with stomach acid? It's not a good combination." I'm so glad my dad in disguise was there to give me a talking to. :)

So my group ate pizza. It was good! And then, shortly after, we flew. I suited up. I had the most experienced sky diver with me. He showed me what to do and I had to memorize it all.

I wasn't 'excited' or anxious until Mariana started freaking out in front of me on the plane. hahaha. It was contagious. The door opened, and I couldn't believe the moment was almost here. I was the last one off the plane. It's a weird feeling. There's no pressure to jump. There's no one looking anxiously at you.

I waved my left arm out. Outwards. Ready. Inwards. Set. Outwards GO - and I stepped out simultaneously with my left leg and jumped out.

I won't EVER forget this feeling. It's the most intense leap of faith you can take. That, and when you bungee jump, and the still air. It's quiet. And it's just you and your mind. Here. It's loud. There's Dennis behind me. And there's our ritual of 3-2-1 go, that forces me to go. But in the forefront of my mind, there's oh my god, I'm jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

The free fall, I was still shocked, but remembered, not to open my mouth. I remembered just to breathe. I had weird form when I first jumped, but it corrected itself.

We did 360s both ways, and the forward moment. It was so fun. I actually looked at my altimeter when it was time and pulled the parachute. That felt powerful. Although I was pulled around like a rag doll. :)

We parachuted through a rainbow in a cloud. That was SOOO EPIC!!

Also, we did many spirals in the sky that seemed way faster than our freefall. We flew over the hanger, which didn't seem safe in the least, and we did a slider to the ground.

I had way more fun this time around. And I had much more excitement than before. :)

I'm so glad I woke up early to go.

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