Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Monster.

When I first heard Gaga was coming into town, I knew I was going to be the one to get tickets. No matter how fierce the competition was, those tickets were already mine.

Fast foward to the day tickets began to be sold on Ticket Master. Kyle got up early and was waiting to buy them. Nearly immediately the tickets began to sell out. The $225 tickets we wanted were gone. But luckily, his credit card apportioned some tickets exclusively for those credit card holders. Minutes later, 3 tickets were ours.

The waiting game began until July 25th arrived.

Before we could turn around, the night was upon us.

Kyle and his friend Fernando picked me up, and off to McDonald's we went so I could grab food, and look utterly ridiculous to the 'normal' public before we ventured off fashionably late to the Monster Ball Tour. ^_^

I donned my elbow-length black gloves and boy did it feel good to cut the fingers off of them. I had on my gold skirt from my 21st birthday and a black dominatrix-y belt and my sparkly black tank top. To top it off with accessories, I wore my amazonian diamond princess necklace and went for exagerrated eye makeup.

We got to the Toyota Center, parked, went in, and already, I was so enamored with everyone's costumes!

This is the one place, as Gaga said, where the freaks come out and it's okay. We outnumber everyone else.

I was crying out of sheer happiness. Gaga, my strength, was here, singing all of my favorite songs. She is power. The way she yells out these very simple statements of righteousness and self-love. Love yourself.

Her costumes were out of this world, and I remember most of all not the costumes, not the dancing, but the way I felt. I felt that the arena was a haven where I could remember, I am so LOVED. I am so privileged.

Although Gaga brings much beauty to this world and has connected people with her music, her theme of the night was realizing we had it all, all along.

Raise your paws little monsters.

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