Saturday, July 31, 2010


I told my intern buddies on their trip to New Orleans to call me when they are having a 'Mid-high'. I do not want them to call me when they are having a peak, in other words, the most epic moments where I will inevitably feel a bit dour because of my inability to be there. But I also do not want them to call me when they are bored on the drive there or back. That will make me sad because they aren't having a great time. It's a conundrum isn't it? :)

So I wake up to a voicemail. From my gal pal. Immediately I hear the background static of loud noise, likely a bar. I smile because for a second, I'm there. She's saying she's having a great time and she introduces a cameo appearance. She is with another intern, and he says hello. He mentions not wanting me to feel bad, and I anticipate a huge "But... " coming but instead, he speaks on behalf of both and left a message of missing me and love.

My heart is torn open and fills with so much love and appreciation. It was definitely the best way to wake up and start the morning. Just to hear their voices and the consideration they had, albeit at 2AM. :)

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