Friday, August 20, 2010


Wonderful day celebrating with my beloved best friend, Sara.

Dressed up for her masquerade ball. Black dress. Gloves. Mask [that I bought earlier at Party Boy]. And ostentatious diamond necklace.

I had such a brilliant time. From being in theme, to meeting new people, to hanging out with friends of old, I had a great time. There were drinks, great queso and chips, and a fondue fountain (!!!) with strawberries and banana. Delicious. I was so in heaven.

The girls did Wii Karaoke, the youngin's played video games, and the boys played pool.

I played pool.

And I rocked! At first, pretty bad, and my confidence level waxed and waned as the shots I was making didn't reflect what I envisioned the ball would be doing.

Later on, as I played more and more, I definitely got better as I observed how others shot their ball. I stood up and looked at the table from a bird's eye view instead of leaning too closely to the felt. And by the end of the game, I had an intuitive feel of the angles and I didn't have to look up, self-correct, and do that whole matter all over again.

Also, it was so much fun to banter with the boys. Adam and Jason always tease me, and that's what she said jokes were rampant, so it was a grand old time. I feel very at home with Sara and her friends.

I slept in the guest bedroom and read a cookbook for Skinny Girls that I think I'll look into when I get an apartment. :)

I awoke pretty late and love those lazy afternoons. I watched Family Guy and loved being in the room while Ethan played video games and Sara teased him about playing all the time. It reminds me of my brother's sleepovers as a kid and they would all have snacks in the room and would play Halo all night or whatever games on the N64, Xbox, or PS2, and would be knocked out all night until afternoon. I remember the glare of the TV screen on their eyes and glasses.

<3 Happy 22nd Birthday Sara Cotton Evangelina Medina Weary. ^_^

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