Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This quote sums it up best. From AMC's Mad Men, Don Draper looks into buying a car. The salesman says, "Someone like you, you don't need to see yourself in a Cadillac; you're walking about in one every day" and tells him he'd be as comfortable in one of the cars as he is in his own skin.

A situation came up today, and I've re-framed it to feel this.

I got a text message from one of the Chevron interns, telling me he got a full-time offer. I was so happy for him! That was wonderful wonderful news and I didn't doubt for a second that he wouldn't be back on board. The only drawback is he'll be in Midland :( which is very far from Houston, but not off the grid. He asks me if I've heard back from Chevron, and I say "No" but I tell him I'm supposed to hear back in late September (before I got an email saying actually.. make that October). I ask my friend who else has an offer. I get a text a few moments later from another intern, asking if I heard back from Chevron. I repeat the answer I just sent, fully confident because at this point, it's just two interns out of the population here. Then, I get the response back from my question that EVERYONE in our cohort heard back TODAY.

I was shocked and floored, and my first response was one of hurt I'll admit. First, it was the fact that none of it was discussed over the phone. Secondly, I feel very loyal to the company, and to have everyone receive some kind of notice felt like I wasn't very meaningful to the company to not be able to have some sort of communication by now, if my reality seemed like everyone had a response, TODAY.

I regrouped myself, and didn't jump the gun to any conclusions. But it was a huge elephant in my mind, and I was candid to any friends I talked to about it.

The point is, I had glowing reviews about my performance, I meshed well with my team, I had a great experience and imbibed the whole Chevron Way, and I felt confident walking out the door about how it all went. So for now, I resolve to say that the particular departments were not IT, and were able to make these hiring decisions before the department of IT, which is a bit more rocky.

But I'm happy for the offers extended: 1 full-time in Midland, 1 internship in Covington, 1 internship in Houston, and 2 full-time offers in Houston.

I hope that number goes up to 3 soon. :)

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