Thursday, August 26, 2010


This year in Positivity is a daily exercise to teach me to reframe negative thoughts, bring positive ones to light, and to get in the habit of reflecting.

But as I sit here reflecting, I find this blog has become more than that.

I discuss many themes and topics where I'm having a discourse with myself - pinning down what my answers are and narrowing down the gray area.

These posts where I meander my way to some sort of realization is not ostensibly 'positive'. I ask myself, why do I post these? Why do I gravitate to these when I can post "The sun was beautiful today; feeling the Vitamin D soak into my skin is a feeling I wish I could soak up in a bottle - so that in times of rain or darkness, I could open it up and smile." See. That's POSITIVE. :) But I think another aspect of positivity is addressing the adversity. Addressing the unknown. The fear.

A wise man once said, "Everything preventing you from reaching your highest peak can be attributed to a conversation in your head. Check the conversation."

I have just realized the act of talking about these things in blog form or verbal form is my way of checking my conversation. It has certainly helped me. :) It's like booking a coffee date with myself. Only no coffee, and no late-night jitters.

Here's to a great rest of the year. This blog has been an amazing, therapeutic ritual for me that I look forward to on those cathartic nights.

I don't have the 'must blog now' inspiration every night. But when I do, I feel electric. :) [Speaking of, I will get back to my 1 post per day soon!]

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