Friday, September 24, 2010

Career Fair.

The day was outrageously productive.

I'm always proud when I go to these events, because you are essentially putting yourself on the line and trying to achieve real results. With a conversation, it could turn into an application that stands out, to a successful interview, to your foot in the door of a company you could stay at for ages.

That's one of the dreams.

I've been to more than 5 career/internship fairs over the course of my stay at UH and I must say, it's definitely something I have a handle on now. I feel like a pro, and I'm confident that I have my workflow down. Blouse, skirt/slacks, and professional jacket, check. Heels, check. At least 20 copies of my resume and my portfolio with a notepad to write down notes as I go, check. And lastly, in my brain, do I have an idea of what I want to ask each company I talk to? Check.

So with this focus in mind, I talked to over 10 companies this Friday.

Some were great prospects, some were not, but I felt that I achieved a great milestone in the grand scheme of things.

*Cameron - apply online and look at information on the USB.
*Williams - potential internship possibilities - full-time too, and great laid-back culture.
*Access Sciences Corporation - 25th year doing business - they will get back to me - consulting with information management which I find interesting - they worked on GIL3!
*Chevron - Charron explained the re-org and I feel much more comforted. I feel like I have a huge advantage if anyone does get back on with IT. I'll have to wait a few more weeks.
*ConocoPhillips - Not looking for IT but Jessica will speak with me about Protiviti soon.
*ExxonMobil - talked with Aaron who told me about their push from Lotus Notes to Exchange. They still use 2003 office. Conservative culture, but centralization means there's a process for everything. My exposure with SharePoint will serve me well.
*Quorum - spoke with Barry who says the hours can be insane, but says he's learned a lot. They hire from a large variety of majors to get a wider perspective.
*Sequent Energy - Parks directed me to mention the CIOs name, so hopefully, I can hear something back.
*Hitachi - I was asked why I want to work with Hitachi and some other probing questions that caught me off guard. Hopefully it reflected well.

Not to mention, my resume is on the MISSO CD so all of my efforts will be showcased SOMEHOW. :)

Talking to Charron in particular has done a great deal in easing my mind. I hugged her and she explained that the ROM just finished and the next few weeks will be wrapping up the structure reorganization. Then I should hear back to see if there's a place for me. I'm really hopeful knowing that there's not a deadlock but really, there's a process going on and I'm a part of it. I know the timeline, and it really puts my mind at ease. She grabbed my arms at one point and said if we offer you something, I WANT YOU TO TAKE IT! I said, trust me, I want to take it. :)

It was a great day, that ended with me catching up with Barry, and we had a long discussion on impermanence and giving people a chance. Maybe I'll take that advice. I have high standards and I know it. If there is anyone I'm interested in, I'll give it the shot it deserves. Also, regarding impermanence, I believe in eternal love, but I also believe that things change. You should simply treat every expression of commitment as a commitment. If the person within that commitment decides to break it, then so be it. But if one is married or in a relationship, I vow to operate in a way that respects that integrity.

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