Thursday, September 23, 2010


A few major things happened this Thursday.

I studied for my Management exam, and felt I did pretty solid despite a few minor mistakes I made. I feel even better knowing I can ace the next exam now that I know the structure of his tests. :) I walked out happy as a clam with Tim.

I went to Economics of Globalization and had a jolly old time listening to the lecture. I felt I absorbed more when there wasn't any pressure to take notes and have to regurgitate my knowledge for the exam.

I caught up with my good friend, Z, since we agreed to meet, the week after I gave him some tidbits for his discussion with Chevron.

We talked about time management and how it seems to easily fall through my hands like sand. He mentioned the ability to say 'No' is key, and I feel like although it's been hard, it's something you ultimately own and no one can guilt you into anything.

There were other gems that we connected on very well. The concept of knowing when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em. With friends, you just have to know when to stand up for something and when not to. However, with family it's much harder since they will always be there, and the rules are bent. It's tough to strike the balance sometimes.

I went to the Bauer Honors Fall Mixer and reconnected with many friends like Sa, Catherine, Brittany, Alex, and more, which was great because I don't often get to see them in a purely social atmosphere. There was great food like crab cakes, beef wellington, boiled shrimp (SO GOOD), and more. I was impressed. It was a great turnout and I had a fun time.

Lastly, I ventured off to the MISSO meeting to talk to Sungard. Consulting firms are still of interest to me so it'd be good to talk to more and more people. I ended up talking to ... hmm.. the name escapes me, but we spoke for about half an hour. He didn't try to glamorize anything, so I appreciated it. I think the workaholic in me would come out, but it'd be something good for me to experience, so I can finally say, NO REGRETS.

Insanely productive day that required some recharging at the night's end. I slept, and the next day I focused on the outcome: Being successful at Career Fair!

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