Saturday, September 4, 2010

High School Reunion.

Friday night, my first night in town in ATX. I'm super excited, you have no idea.

Logistics aside, I told myself, "I'm moving forward and I'm going to have a good time I tell ya!"

Kyle had made a proposition earlier. Go to Jessie's bday gig since he's in town from his collegiate city, Chicago, to celebrate his 21st birthday. I'm excited since I haven't seen this fella since High School, and subsequently, have not communicated except sporadic, from the hip, quips about his photo updates or statuses.

Vivian decided to come along, and after Kyle picked us up at Dobie with our things, we departed to go to Justin's apartment, where the first leg of the party was being held.

It was like a blast from the past when I walked in, and others continued to filter in. Derek! Sam. Sonny. Justin. Jessie. :) There were a few others that were new to me, but we owned the party.

Conversations flourished. I felt right at home. I laughed so much. Shots were taken, pedaled by a very enthusiastic male.

I was surprised at how I reconnected with one of my old high school buddies. We had last spoken probably sometime senior year. He's someone I have always had a good opinion of. Someone everyone knew and someone funny, genuine, sometimes a bit aloof and impossible to crack, but definitely someone everyone liked. :)

One of the first things I said to him was a compliment. I commended him on the campaign he ran for the SEC position, that he unfortunately didn't win. Of course I said he should have won, and I didn't understand how it couldn't have happened, and also, that I thought it was the best, most humble concession message I had ever read. I meant it, and I think that's what set things in motion later on.

He asked me what I've been up to. I made a joke about Kyle stealing my major, MIS, and that I'm a humanitarian and I save the world. I talked about how last year was the toughest - being president and leading changes to fundraise, educate, and advocate better.

We took a photo together and we threw up our school signs. He then wanted to dip me and take a photo, and as I held my pose, I pulled myself up and laughed in his arms.

Long story short, later that night, first starting off at a club where it was 18+, we danced our butts off, and then traveled on 6th to show Jessie around to some legit bars. It ended up being me, him, and Kyle, and we went in the infamous club where half-naked women danced along the periphery of the club. They sanctioned off the top level because of the people limits and so we found ourselves at an bar with an upstairs patio. Kyle went off to get drinks, and I found myself at the balcony railing, being pensive and looking off into the Austin night sky.

I brought up any topic I could, but there wasn't enough to stave what was impending. My words trailed off. I asked the question, and addressed the awkwardness.

"You know why it feels awkward" he said. I smiled. He showed his hand. Time slowed. We kissed. Twice. I couldn't believe it any more than the cosmos could. We fetched Kyle before he could stumble upon us, and throughout the night, we held hands, we had our own glances, and he harassed a hobo for me. As we dropped Kyle off, Kyle's inebriated and inquisitive intrusion prevented us from 'looking' at a car decal that was interesting to both of us. It was a really great night, that I won't forget.

As I left his car to go to Victoria's to sleep, I gave him my number, and got one of the sweetest text messages ever. He's a sweetheart. If I tested the men in my life, he passed every one of them. He texted me throughout the weekend and he's someone that is so considerate and caring.

Moral of the story: Romance happens when you least expect it, you just have to be open to it. Impressions may not always hold up against the test of time, and it's what someone does in front of and behind the scenes that make the person. For now, for the purposes of my life goals, it's a cherished memory, but I must shift my focus back to Houston. Goodbye ATX and all things in it. :)

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