Friday, September 3, 2010

First UNICEF Meeting.

Started at 4:15. Ended about 4:45.

There was a short mention of the history of UNICEF and what it was all about. The most touching thing was the video of the Believe in Zero campaign.

The room was jam-packed though. People had to stand or sit on the floor. That's wonderful!

There was something lost though, and it's easy to pin down.

There was no heart.

The officer elections speeches that occurred that day in April were more impactful than the 1st general meeting where everyone didn't want to hold the floor for more than a few dozen seconds.

My constructive criticisms could fill a book, but Alex next to me said, just don't. Just relax.

I did. I pushed away the heart attack. I must say though, despite the things I hear, they are staying on track with the basic things. There are cracks that are showing for sure, such as the website not working, email correspondences not being sent out, and duplicate facebook events happening, but with certain successes like their bake sale making nearly $500, and full-attendance, it gives me hope. It really gives me renewed hope that this torch will light on after Miko, and this administration. Even if it doesn't go as well as I hope, it may inspire someone to make an assessment and say, I can make this BETTER. And do it.

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