Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Houston Arboretum.

Excursion # 2 consisted of going to the Houston Arboretum.

I had never been, and even though I hadn't explored the functions and studied up on techniques on my new DSLR - this is life - there's no dress rehearsal. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO AND DO IT sometimes.

I had such an amazing time. My body appreciated all of the walking. I put on sunblock so I didn't get eaten alive by the mosquitoes like my buddy did.

My friend mentioned snakes and alligators being in the area, so I needed to be vigilant. Being in an area like that, just in the elements, pure and open, brought out the Bear Grylls in me. :)

I took some really great shots that I'll be post-processing through Photoshop. The one in the beginning is a sneak preview.

Seeing the beautiful pond, with these purple flowers filling the entire meadow was absolutely gorgeous. Seeing the sun through the canopy was amazing, and just the smell of the trees was so pure. It was a great way to end the school day. Nature doesn't have any secrets - it speaks to the world - you can only gain the wisdom of the earth if you quiet yourself and listen.

Photography is one of the many things that gets me genuinely excited. Time can fly by when I'm envisioning the picture in my mind, thinking of how it should be composed, and seeing that vision come to fruition with the eye of the artist and the passion of refining the art piece.

Also, going to eat sushi at Taiko's was a perfect way to end the day. We met with Justin and for the amount of salmon we had, it was so CHEAP. Must get more salmon next time. ^_^ I definitely like dining out as it is such a fun experience. Great conversation, great friends, and great food. The day was an example of heaven on earth.

Next week we should be venturing out on Allen Parkway to take some great downtown sunset shots.

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