Monday, September 13, 2010

Back On Track.

I've been thinking about this for a while now. It's been to the point where I gave it a Project name. Project GYST. There's no need to spell it out, the essence of Project GYST is to pull myself together, and truly have all of the things I really want. It starts with the little things. One's life can easily derail if the routines aren't upheld and rough edges start to show.

I've been telling myself for months that every thing I want in this world is MINE. The world IS MINE, and it's been available to me for 21 years, and counting; this project is to put myself behind a game plan of success. I have the right mentality and drive, but this plan needs structure. It needed legs to move. It needed mechanisms in place, like the projects I witnessed at Chevron this summer. Why would there be so much more rigor over these major capital projects that employees dedicated a third of their lives over, but no rigor around the major project of life that consumes two thirds of an individuals life?

Rhetorical questions aside, I realize I've been doing good. If my life were a bar chart, I've been handling school, family, and friends pretty well and the balance is getting better as I progress through my last year in college. But good enough is not what I aim for. I declared myself Beyond Excellent last December, and I need to hold myself to that standard.

One major thing that I believe will be utterly integral to my success only cost me $6.99. I already feel like I'll be saying this is the best $6.99 I've ever spent in a few months. Thanks to the Apple iTunes Apps store, this productivity application called Habits is already making a huge difference on Day 1. I am checking off the daily tasks that I need to do and I know when I come to the weekly and monthly tasks I need to do, I'll be reminded, which is the biggest reason why I won't get around to it. One-time tasks I'm superb with, it's those routine tasks that I defer to the point of inaction. Also, because this app is on my phone, I know it's on the forefront of my life at all times. Google Calendar has been another great addition I've been using as well as BaseCamp, but going online to access BaseCamp has really been a huge prevention to checking it and tracking progress. This Habit application will allow me to track and see metrics (percentage and bar charts!) which, knowing myself, I really really like. :) So, leveraging the technology of this app, Google Calendar, Post It's, and my MindMap, there is NO reason I won't succeed. Each tool has a different function - and I'm excited to see the synergy between these resources.

I'm excited to manage my life, and I think this is making all the difference. I want to change. I want to put everything I've been preparing for all my life, and put it together and do it all at once.

This project is a Go.

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