Monday, September 20, 2010


This post is about the chaotic weekend in Austin, TX.

There were a lot of issues with logistics. And I think in the future, I'll be apt to handle my own logistics and keep a great attitude, focusing on pushing things forward. I'll give more of myself, but I'll put boundaries around myself too.

I'm glad my best friends came in the clutch for me.

Kyle deserves an R&A for bailing me out on several occasions. First, from the variety show to go party at Jesse's 21st birthday, then the next day to lunch at Kirbey Lane, then the next day from Gordough's so we could watch Nip Tuck and Arrested Development so I could make fun of it and sleep. :)

Sally was amazing as well, for letting me have a place to stay and for catching up with me. It's been far too long. We always have such fun and laughs together. So that was great. She dropped me off at the apartments so Viv and Kevin and myself could go back to Houston.

Best friends ever, for saving my sanity and being there when I needed them most. I embraced the vulnerability and I found, I can definitely depend on them.

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