Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outlet Mall.

This is where I get the mother of all deals. The Cypress Outlet Mall!

I scored some pretty awesome clothes last week.

*Black dress with button detail. Very versatile.
*Blue button up that fits like a dream.
*Blue BCBG skirt that is very beautiful and classy.
*Marc Jacobs brown aviator sunglasses on sale!
*green tunic shirt with beads
*black denim skirt

I just like indulging in my sense of creativity sometimes. Although I'm not out there making these clothing designs, I feel like I'm an artist, weaving together the masterpiece of every outfit I wear. :) It's magical to think of it that way.

I appreciate that my best friend is a great shopping buddy. He does not mind waiting while I go try on clothes, and will go in with me to the girliest of stores. I have an amazing best friend.

To top off the night, we saw Resident Evil 4 and it was amazing. Drinking Shiner, seeing these awesome 3D visuals, and hearing A Perfect Circle's The Outsider remix finally get its SPOTLIGHT was amazing. I had the best time.

On our way back, our inability to call it a night sank in, and we invited ourselves to a 21st birthday party of an old high school chum. Immediately we were greeted with drinks, and we found the birthday boy already done celebrating. I met his beautiful german shepherd, which made me fall in love and want a pet of my own. I talked to his mom, and we bonded a bit. Outside, we all danced to "Win" and "DJs Got Us Falling in Love". It was so funny. Amanda gave me her praises and I missed this suburban high school scene. It really brought my back to my days where Spring was the set of the scene. :) There was some pretty interesting discussions, but overall I remember how connected I felt to my best friend and the people I just met.

Good times.

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