Monday, September 6, 2010

Nocturnal Fest.

What a blessed night.

On the way there, there were hip hop songs galore and some trance (fittingly) in the mix, and it was great to have the music on loud to prepare us for the dancing frenzy to come.

After a few snafu's trying to find the grounds and waiting in line, we got inside, taught Viv and Karen how to rave, and went to this epically lit apparatus where you wore 3D glasses to experience this extremely cool psychedelic feeling.

We finally went back to the headlining stages and got to do what we drove to Austin, and then Rockdale to do! LISTEN TO AMAZING DJ'S AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY! We caught Above and Beyond and Armin Van Buren that night. Both were fantastic, but Armin took the cake, for making me cry during Communication. Such heaven, being able to just DANCE until 4AM. Sometimes my rhythm comes out, and my dance moves are on fire. This was definitely one of those nights.

Of course, we got to the front of the stage for Armin, and I remember most the way I felt. I felt like it was surreal. I saw these beautiful dancers in front of me dancing with fire, and I was with my friends, and I could see Armin in the DJ box above me, and there were visualizations playing behind the dancers at the same time. The music played into the night sky and it was heavenly. I felt so at peace although the sweat, wild gesticulations, and the frenetic atmosphere around me betrayed that. And it was a-okay. :)

I loved moving towards the back of the pit so we could have ROOM to dance. There I got to full express myself and it felt so cathartic. It definitely definitely exceeded my expectations. I recall walking into Nocturnal Fest, and seeing all of the BRIGHT LIGHTS and the wonderful SOUNDS and thinking, oh my goodness. I've never seen ANYTHING like this in my life.

We were home at 7AM, and on the way back, Kevin was singing songs and had energy like no other. It was wonderful to not have the energy die down! I laid my wonderful head to rest, after a long shower, cleansing the body paint off but not the memories of that crazy night.

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