Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Back!

August is gone, and September is here. :)

Back in Houston after a weekend trip in Austin. There will be posts about that of course.

Swept downstairs, the stairs, and my room. I unpacked all of my things and I dealt with all of the aftermath of this weekend's festivities.

Clothes in the laundry.
Shoes polished as best as I could've managed.
Belt has been through a scrub down, but will need more elbow grease to get the neon paint off.
Everything back in its proper place.

There's been on and off thunder, lightning, and rain all day on this beautiful Labor Day.

I feel it's fitting for how I feel. Shedding off a new skin, re-prioritizing certain things, and moving forward.

There are few things better than listening to A Perfect Circle on great speakers, laying in a nice clean bed, and floors clear of things.

Welcome September.

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