Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photoshoot 1.

It's something that serendipitously happened, and those are the best kinds of things.

After getting the ball rolling in motion with my new DSLR camera, I reconciled with a friend of mine, and now we're going to have weekly photo excursions.

It's a good habit to have. :)

So for our first excursion, we went downtown at night.

I met Justin, his friend, and went to his apartment. We made our way through the industrial looking elevator and we talked about wide-angle lenses, HDR, photo stitching panoramas, and other things. We looked at each other's gear, and I found myself laughing a whole lot about him attempting to steal my camera, me admitting I used to collect Pokemon cards, getting caught off guard by that's what she said jokes, and more.

I had a really fun time, and his roommate treated us to turkey/beef burgers he made and a really poorly executed horror movie.

Shooting on the balcony towards the downtown skyline was priceless. He lives a few blocks away from Chevron, my former work home. The wide angle lens changes everything. It's spectacular.

Justin couldn't come for the night portion of our shoot, so we went off, along the theater district, by the Aquarium, Jones Hall, Angelika (the day before it closed!), and more. I really enjoyed how I had decent photos despite being in the dark. :) It's something new, usually the noise just throws it off completely.

Downtown is one of the most beautiful places I know. There's a certain photo of a scaffold I took, and it's one of my favorite of the night.

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