Saturday, September 18, 2010


I remember why I love yoga so much, when I went to the group ex class the other day.

The intensity was slowly rising, like a well-orchestrated date.

It certainly wasn't vinyasa where my body strains and in a sense, fights, against the demons of the moment to become stronger.

Staring at the ceiling, feeling my muscles tighten, and embracing the strength I was building within myself MADE that morning for me.

It was euphoric. It was so calming. It is what I need every week. I need to cleanse. My instructor talks me through it. This almost religious experience.

So I won't take it when someone says, "this yoga is not intense". It's not supposed to be. Shaking serves no purpose. You aren't supposed to fight. This is where you surrender to your body. This is where the evenness of your mind and your body coalesce.

These are my moments.

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