Friday, September 17, 2010


Mario asked me for help as I walked past him and his lovely girlfriend Rolla. She asked for help too, regarding strategy for Bauer Women's Society. That's still something I'm finding hard to chew on. How do you market something that clearly has so many competitors and find true loyalty? What's your brand? What's your niche without alienating people?

I tackled something I could handle more readily. Mario asked if I could give website recommendations to his Engineering Professor. I looked at it, and it was simple, and it wasn't god awful, but it was pretty outdated and terrible.

I let him know that it's about having someone technical that can put his vision on the web. Wordpress would be great for maintenance and it has the sleekness and professionalism of a real legitimate site. Moving past the coding, adding content is simple for people who have no idea about the technical side of making a website. It's ideal. I felt good for helping him out.

Also, Zabdiel ran into me and let me know he was going to a Supply Chain Career Mixer later on, and talking to a bunch of oil and gas companies. I put in a good word for Chevron and he asked if I could email him some tips. I did, and I blew myself away with how much I knew, and I would have KILLED for that inside knowledge walking into the Chevron interview. But it just goes to show that it's okay not to know it all. I believe they saw my heart and fittingly, everything fell into place like I knew it would.

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