Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama.

I had my wonderful friend take me to the airport. I appreciated that so much. I have the greatest friends.

First time I've had an extended stay in Alabama. :) Well, Auburn, to be more specific.

I flew in, and remembered the hugs I got from my 3 friends. I felt loved. Even though I wasn't 'home'; I was home and welcome.

We drove in and we went to go eat at a Creole place. We spent so much time talking since our food took ages to come out, but no matter, we were basking in the presence of each other. That's what mattered.

We ate, stopped by at the Goal Post store to pick up some pre-gaming goods.

Pre-gamed for an hour at our friend's apartment, and strolled for 15 minutes to SkyBar, where... you can see the sky. ;)

I had so much fun watching people, laughing, buying drinks for my friends and myself, unwinding after 2 arduous weeks, and dancing with Beebs on the wooden dance floor.

I had so much fun making voicemails to our friends. Making a joke and tapping someone on the shoulder like I knew them, and pretending I mistook him for someone else.

As we walked out, I noticed I lost my Japanese heart key necklace charm, and we sought to find it. We were unsuccessful, but I realized, material things don't matter anyhow. It can be replaced. Not literally, but I will find something I adore even more soon.

One of our friends got a pizza, and we ambled back to his apartment.

My friends really do take the cake in taking care of me. And I really appreciate that. I feel SAFE when I'm around them, despite any personality differences because we have our hearts in the right place and we like doing the right, responsible thing.

I haven't had so much fun in one night. And I certainly had more fun as we walked to the game the next morning, and until halftime approached. :) Worth it. Worth every sip. Priceless moments that couldn't have happened unless everything occurred as it did.

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