Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was just thinking... about my weekend on Cougar Ranch.

One of the best weekends of my life. So life-changing. And I CAN'T FORGET THIS.

I can't forget the people that were there with me. I can't forget the things I felt.

I remember walking arm in arm with people. Being SO KINESTHETIC. I remember having so much adrenaline going through my veins because for once in my life, I was doing something that mattered to me because I put my HEART, BODY, and SOUL into it.

I never had this. And I had it all. Soaking my feet in the bathtub, conquering huge life issues with my brilliant roommate. We were all BRILLIANT. We all were on the same page, and I was inspired by them all.

I remember the scavenger hunt we did, and being blindfolded, and having to perform the obstacle course. That was amazing. I trusted my teammates with all of my heart. And I was in great hands. My hands were on the rope, and I didn't know how far away the next one would be. But I listened. I just trusted and went with it, not knowing all of the facts, and everything ended up okay.

This weekend was a great new beginning. It taught me how to fall in love with the world. I don't ever want to forget. Never. I can never be the person I used to be. This is my now.

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