Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haunted Penthouse.

I very much enjoyed being early.

I sat at one of the couches at the Recreation Center at UH, waiting for Catherine to come.

She texted me a few minutes later, and we were only a few feet away from each other. :)

We stood in line. I saw a fellow with a Chevron Marathon t-shirt and struck up small talk.

We finally got to the front of the lines.

Out of the elevators, it was excruciatingly dark. I let the others go first because I had lost Catherine already. :) We walked together, arms linked, and I kept my cool.

Nothing scared me, and I have to say, UH did a really fantastic job upping the ante from last year. It was better than some of the paid haunted houses I've been to!

There was a moment I'll never forget though. A woman had a real snake around her neck, and I'm not the most fond of them, but I was transfixed because I couldn't figure out if a real legitimate snake was around her neck or not, and if I could test the limits of the haunted house since she was inches away from me meaning I could be bitten, and I found myself taking steps backward. I was in a trance, and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully Catherine grabbed my arm and lead me forward, and out of the Haunted Penthouse we went.

And metaphorically, you need people sometimes to do that for you. When you're just flat out stuck and you're taking steps backward even after doing SO WELL, you need supportive friends to get you out of the rut to move forward.

Thank you Catherine, and thank you friends. :)

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