Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Despite how angry he gets, I know my friend is someone that I will love sincerely, but I know he's someone that can't get too close. Because when he gets too close, I will start ritualizing the process in which he gets angry, and it will become a part of me. Who you be, they will become. I know this all too well.

We were at the airport, and we got out, and took a photo. And gave hugs goodbye. :)

I walked in the Atlanta airport, and flew back to my Houston life.

I had the most delicious leftover Jimmy Johns sandwich I've ever had. It made my day. I read more chapters of Management and felt motivated.

The plane ride, I just felt happy to have a successful journey. One in which, no one was harmed. No dramatic situations harmed friendships. And I got to know my friends a lot better.

I was picked up by my faithful brother who patiently waited at the airport with me. I gave him his snowglobe present and solar keychain, which I think is really cool!

I immediately got back to the groove of things. But not before I took a long nap. :)

This weekend I fell off the wagon in terms of my Habit Factor application streak, but I will get back on. ASAP.

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