Monday, October 4, 2010

Deep Focus.

I've been reading a whole lot on the concept of deep focus, how to counter procrastination, and how to discover your passions.

And I'm focused on taking action and making a change.

This means ultimately...

Deep focus: I need to practice on focusing. This means when I read, when I start having that inner-chatter to stop, I can't. I need to believe I have so much more in me, to develop my focus stamina. Those that do dissertations and are in the fields of research have the time to develop this, and my perceptions of what is possible has changed. It's not inherent to be so disciplined. It's a result of hard training.

Fighting procrastination: Taking a big step immediately. It makes biting off the project or huge obstacle in the way much more manageable.

How to discover your passions: Leave ample amounts of time for discovery. At first it will be loads of free time which I feel uncomfortable with. But as I find things that I like, it will fill in my free time, but still leave me with time to follow up on other kinds of interesting things for me.

These are 3 simple but life-changing concepts that I firmly believe in, and am determined to have impact my life in a positive way.

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