Thursday, November 25, 2010


March 2011 - Before any important speech, I get pretty anxious and excited. For my training presentation, I knew it’d be in front of a new audience and a tough teacher so I wanted to put my best foot forward. One thing I’m getting over is my tendency to go through every thought process imaginable (similar to the 5 stages of acceptance) and I always end up using my positivity to outwit any doubt demons from the past. As I laid my head down to sleep, I could feel my heart rate racing, and I read a very powerful exercise online to do to prevent overwhelming feelings and anxiousness.

So step one, you start out by breathing deeply, slowly, and more deliberately to match the pulse that you think ‘the Earth’ would have. I always imagined it to be slow and melodic and unassuming despite all of the harm to Mother Nature happening on the surface. If you can imagine the center of the earth, and its core, then you may be able to feel like there’s a slow steady beat that exists to keep the world slowly rotating and on its proper axis. To add to this visualization, there will now be strings coming from your heart, and veins, and your entire body, rushing through any obstacle in its path and pulling or strapping you down to reach the center of the Earth. This process happens very fast and once it touches the core, there’s this kindred connection and harmony. There’s no other feeling like it if you suspend disbelief and FEEL it. After this connection, you and the earth are now synchronized and fittingly so is your pulse. Engaging in this exercise did wonders for me in getting me to be calm. I felt like everything was going to be okay because the Earth told me so. With all my heart, I know it did.

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