Friday, November 26, 2010


At one point, after all of the general ledgers, there was nothing in me.

I couldn't even fathom creating a web store, the other 50% of my final exam in TP2.

I logged onto Peoplesoft the next day, and saw that Dr. Parks had given me an 'A' for his class.

I WAS SHOCKED. I was rubbing my eyes and thought it couldn't be true.

I had achieved exactly what I wanted to, without doing it in the way I expected. I wanted to get an 'A' so badly, to PROVE to myself and Dr. Parks and the world that it is possible to redeem oneself after a 'D'.

After blood, sweat, and tears, I got what I wanted. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Dr. Parks. Thank you Javier, Jesus, Fabiola, and friends in class. Thank you library books. Thank you Google search engine. And thank the determination and work I pulled out of no where to accomplish this.

A part of me think it's a gift from Dr. Parks since his class was tough and full of seniors with bad cases of senioritis, but whatever it is, I am so so so thankful. I've come such a long way.

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