Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today, was one of those amazing days where I got to do nearly everything I love. I just feel completely overwhelmed with how good it gets, and right when my energy level gets low because I think to myself: "Man, this is the life. I don't need anything else" and then, for some unexplainable reason, it gets better, and it keeps getting better until I can hardly stand it.

I woke up, and my dad had already packed the food I would be taking home with me. I packed my things quickly, ate a quick breakfast, while my dad declared that I'd be going out to the shooting range with him. I had an urge to resist, but I thought about my timetable, and discovered I could do everything I wanted today and I should spend quality time with my dad and get out of my comfort zone!

I was at the shooting range. Right next to my Driver's Ed school. Funny. This single strip mall is responsible for educating me on so many things. I read over the rules, while my dad nagged me to just sign. I evenly said no, and continued reading. I've started to learn that in this life, while it's important to depend on other people, it's not a good habit to cultivate. I love my dad, and I love that he has a wealth of information. But with a gun in my hand, I need to know what I can and can not do with it, and it has to make sense in my own mind. No shortcuts. If the gun is in my hand, and god forbid something happens, my dad isn't the one who will be called upon to answer. I will. So I need to be sure in this situation, and many others, that I know exactly what I'm signing up for and what I'm doing.

I shot 3 different handguns and the smallest had the most recoil. It was not my favorite. I enjoyed the two other handguns immensely. I'm getting more comfortable with guns, but I'm definitely still 'polite' with them. I think it's only because a foolish swagger will result in a near-miss or an accident. I had a good time, shooting with my dad, and seeing his face light up when he received his new gun at the counter and unwrapped it in front of me. He lamented the clip's bullet amount, but I know he felt like a king when he asked them to order more for him, since they didn't have any in stock. It's moments like those that I notice my dad appreciates. He likes to be seen as an expert. I hugged my dad goodbye when I had my fill of it. Too much shooting makes my hand overly tender, and I didn't want to reach that point.

I drove to my house by UH and it was beautifully sunny. The weather wasn't too cold.

My friend Freddy and I went to tailgate, and it was my first time! This is something I've wanted to do before I graduate, so I'm happy I achieved it. I got caught up with a lot of my friends that I haven't seen for such a long time. We hopped from the alumni tent to some organization's tents, and before I knew it - it was game time. We walked back to my place when I forgot my ID, and it was amazing to explain my idea about a photography concept called: "Another Night, Another Dance Floor", and for it to be so enthusiastically received. :)

We got into the stadium, and saw my VP, and after hugs, I saw Catherine. We mosied up the stairs and surprisingly it all worked out well when we all sat together. So friends from different parts of my life combined and we cheered on the Coogs, caught up on our respective lives, and cuddled up together close when the temperature decreased more and more as the night went on. :) We left around 4th quarter, and I must say I'm proud that our Cougars gave it a very valiant fight. 25-28. I walked and dropped off Catherine, and made sure she was back safe.

We went to Kings of Wings and stepped outside to watch the glorious fireworks outside to commemorate the Cougars and our indomitable spirit. We stepped back inside to converse and I met new people, and had some pretty deep conversations over a nice cold beer, kept at a nice temperature by the chilly air rushing in from outside. The Pacquiao fight started, and I just thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends of new and old, appreciating the athleticism and skill of boxing. I don't highly appreciate people getting hurt, but I don't think the point of boxing is to permanently damage the other person. At a point, the fight was painful to watch, but I highly appreciated Pacquiao's commentary after the fight when he mentioned he took it easy on him in the last rounds and that he took measures to ask the referee if the fight should go on. Margarito's eye was cut, and each round caused it to swell more and more. Watching the Homecoming game and the fight made me feel like I was right with everyone else that night. Today, I was a real senior.

I was dropped off at my humble abode, and for a while the boys and I just talked about random things, and I highly enjoyed it. I relish moments like this.

Now I'm enjoying the Sunday music mix from DJ Penetrate. 8 mixed songs of magical goodness.

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