Friday, November 12, 2010


Today was day 1.

I always get excited on Day 1.

I told my dad the proposal to sell all of the things laying around the house from his former businesses on Ebay. I expected to make a cut of it, but he said I could have all of it.

I know I'm hard working, I know I have tenacity, and I know I can learn.

I asked my dad to start me off with 10 or so items that will get me going. I researched a lot, and I have my strategy, from taking photos, to creating eye-catching item descriptions, to shipping, to the communication plan I want to roll out. I want to make sure it's timely, informative, and amazing customer service.

I'm really really excited.

In addition to starting this endeavor, only after really committing to it a few days ago, I discussed personal finances with my dad. He kept reiterating that I think too much and I need to let things happen so I can enjoy my life. I had to disagree completely. I need to be proactive because what I focus on WILL expand. I've seen it happen, and I know that this past year have been nothing but examples reinforcing this point. :)

I also just sat with my mom, held her hand, and watch Meet the Fockers for a while. She really doesn't want me to move and live away from home. I know that this is what I want though. Additionally, I got to eat some of her really good food. Like Banh bao. And her curry. It was very delicious.

Today was a really good day. I'm excited for tomorrow and Homecoming.

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