Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Me vs Myself.

When I read this blog, I come here to visit the MOST beautiful me I know. The one that's uplifting, positive, and shining like the star I was born as. I am righteous, strong, powerful, confident, and I am working through my battles like it's on to the next one.

I learn from my mistakes, but I focus on the OUTCOME I want in that present moment, not on the things that have held me back.

Because of this, I have not shed light on the other Charlene. The one that has let others down on commitments. The one that has been guilty. The one that has let impulsiveness tear down long-term goals. It's another person altogether that I live with, but life has become a battle to not try to delete her entirely, but to UNDERSTAND her and thus be able to help her ... and have her eventually cross over to the complete person I envision.

The hardest battle is this. And this blog helps me remember that the brilliant person I am can't be overshadowed, and there will be at least 365 reasons why.

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