Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apparat - Arcadia.

What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL song.

I could dance to this ALL day long.

I imagine running in a field of never ending wild flowers where there's nature whispering serenely all around me.

I imagine it raining, and there being a beautiful kiss.

I imagine closing my eyes, and being in a moment where I wish it could last for ever.

This is what this song means to me.

SONG LOVE. I hope I never stop loving this song. It's one of those songs you could hear on repeat for hours, driving in your car in the rain, while it's a warm yet breezy day outside.

It could be a song when you, content with a family, remember and reminisce your days as a single woman in college, wondering about the future.

The song is about taking risks and basking in the blissful euphoria when you get exactly what you want.

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