Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who You Are And Who You Want to Be.

I love the show Community. It's a zany show of the misfits found in Greendale Community College and the hilarity that ensues when they address their differences and forge friendship. Touching. :)

I would consider the show to be easy-to-digest and very fun to watch if I just want to laugh and relax. Usually that is the case. But there's an episode where Annie, who I see as the character that best represents myself, is deciding to either move with her boyfriend Vaughn, or if she should stay with her roots and everything she's known and built, with her tight-knit study group.

It's a tough call and at first, she throws caution to the wind and announces to Jeff Winger that she's going with Vaughn and starting a new exciting chapter. She's deciding between two ideals, and Annie expresses the sentiment of splitting herself in two where one can go with Vaughn and the other can stay here at Greendale.

She eventually chooses to stay at Greendale, and feels like she made the right choice. I feel very similar to Annie, in not knowing how to decide between the person you feel that you 'are' and the person you're trying to grow into.

When it comes to myself as a positive, healthy, ethical, confident person, I know this is a stark departure from the pessimistic, sedentary, unethically tolerant, passive person I sometimes used to be.

I fight day in and day out to assert the person I want to be, so that it IS me. As a secondary struggle, I struggle with being adventure-seeking and risk-averse. I love adventure, but I also need to look out for my own welfare for people that want me around for a long time. There's a balance, and life is all about balancing who you are and managing expectations others may have of you. But I focus on a positive outcome and hope that others will be behind me.

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