Friday, November 19, 2010

Wine Appreciation.

January 2011 - Wine Appreciation has taught me how to appreciate wine, such as knowing how to read labels, differentiate flavor groups from others, garner clues from the look, smell, legs, and taste, and so much more.

But not only has this class taught me to appreciate wine, it has taught me to appreciate food, and my SENSES.

Never before have I paid attention to smells. Now, with the smelling exercises we do, I have paid more and more attention to things, and can say what I smell with accuracy in non-wine situations. Earlier today, I remarked that my mom's soup tasted like the thai tom yum soup. She said it was.

In wine, you are able to smell and taste things that would never in a million years be in the same combination. For example, oaky, butter, and fruit. Where would you find that? Maybe a fruity but aged Chardonnay. Yum.

Also, the doors are completely open for food and wine pairing.

A hearty cabernet sauvignon with a high fat steak, yes please (but no, because of my low-cholesterol diet). Either alone would not be great, but together, it's wonderful.

You can get so much from smells. You can almost taste it. That's such a fun process! Additionally, the taste of wine changes from the first tastebud receptor reacting to the wine, until the aftertaste leaves you. Wine is a journey, and you get to choose to take the ride. I have said yes, and it's been amazing fun.

Thank you for allowing me to find the thrill in my senses, and in food again, and to discover something that combines them all so nicely.

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