Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Stretch.

So.. it's December 30th.


My promise to myself on January 1st of this year was to have a post per day!

Although I underestimated the difficulty of this task, when I re-read what I wrote, I really do surprise myself. This has been great. I realized that this journal has a purpose for me and anyone that may stumble upon it. If there were days where I couldn't find the positivity I needed to push myself, I could always refer back to the entire year of 2010: read the 365 posts of memories, thoughts, streams of consciousness, or feelings about how I'm doing a great job and to just keep going for another day.

Deep breath.

I feel a bit nervous. I usually find out something I didn't know about myself by investigating myself this deeply. I'm going to be deeply thinking about the past few months - the whole year too - and it's this kind of deep focus that I don't do much until there's a crisis.

It's crisis mode, but it's good for me. I need to fulfill this promise to myself because it means I've truly changed as an individual and it's symbolic at how I'm a much different person.

See you guys on the other side - This has been the happiest, most successful year in my life. Here's to 2011 - second servings of what I had in 2010, but better quality and refinement! :D

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