Thursday, December 9, 2010


There's a beautiful piece by Mia Michaels with Alex Wong, Billy Bell, and Ade as dancers portraying a young toddler, a young adult man dancing, and an old man nearing death just trying to hang on to life. The music playing is by Max Richter/Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight.

I CRIED my eyes out on this one.

The lyrics... "This bitter earth
Well, what fruit it bears ..
What good am I
Heaven only knows...

Today you're young
Too soon, you're old ...

I cried because I saw Mia Michaels on the panel and Nigel Lythgoe, two aging dancing aficionados. And I just appreciated my body and the ability to begin learning dance, even at this age, knowing it's not too late. I know too soon, I'll be old.

On a deeper level, this performance symbolized how too quickly life passes us by. Just to see 3 moving images of the same person juxtaposed against each other was just beautiful.

I don't want to stop time. I love that I'm living and breathing in the moment, but at the same time, this piece has made me feel very human and mortal.

I don't believe all good things will come to an end, just that the way in which we may have them does. To clarify, while you are young, you may enjoy a simple push pop ice cream... and when you get older, it may be getting to have time with friends in between class, and even older than that, it may be just the ability to remember the beautiful moments once had. It changes, and as with all other forms of adaptations, we as human beings learn how to appreciate life even as our physical capability changes. There is something to be grateful for. I feel like life is a beautiful never-ending television show program that is watching everyone, and everyone sees their own version of it. For me, it has always been a privilege to be watching.

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