Saturday, January 30, 2010


One of the things that I always like to compare is how I existed before and after the Leadership Program.

For some reason, it is just so surprising to me how far I've come and I could probably journal and chronicle the things that have changed before and after in a blog on its own.

I don't judge myself on my yesterdays. I just find it a fascination to note.

One of these fascinations is the stream of energy I have going.

Usually, after an event or an exam that requires a brutal amount of energy invested, I have to unwind for a couple of days before I'm back on track. I drop the ball in a lot of places and the turnaround time to get things done is more than a few days.

With the Hunger Banquet behind me from last night, my previous 'habit' would have set me to just languish for a day or two, watching Dexter re-runs. :P A habit is only a habit if you let it be. I have that mindset now. I don't allow myself to use the excuse, "Oh it's just a (bad) habit of mine." If there is a better way, and I'm not doing it, you better believe I will try it on for size, and not use the 'it's just a bad habit' card.

Today, I actually cleaned up all of last nights things, stored them in my room, started to organize my room, started my Database homework, and I'm getting caught up in my classes and with friends again. :)

I think I've finally learned to manage the stress. This statement is so monumental.

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