Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Month. Over. :)

Okay, so this is officially one month down! Only 11 to go! :)

Some things that touched my heart.

*Reading what I wrote in my About Me box (about UNICEF) copy and pasted on someone else's About Me box. :) Plagiarism is completely okay to me when it comes to advocacy.

*Hearing that someone promoted the Hunger Banquet at his own meeting. -sigh- Absolute sweetheart.

*Seeing someone wear their UNICEF/HIV/AIDS awareness pin at the Hunger Banquet.

*Seeing the flier I made for HIV/AIDS Awareness as someone's profile picture.

*Seeing someone promote the Hunger Banquet as their profile photo and multiple status updates.


My dad thinks that having more of these events will stress me out to death. No it won't. It keeps me alive!

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