Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I no longer have any baggage. And it feels absolutely wonderful. I am not over-exaggerating or fibbing. With the honesty and openness I've adopted, it'd be such an INJUSTICE to even try.

In the relationships I've had with my close friends, family, and lovers there have been majorly tough times. We've all been there.

I've let go. Eradicated those negative feelings. I can't take the things they did personally. Because what they did to me, is all they know. When that becomes their language, their way of expression, they inevitably pass it on. But I can not carry that inscrutable language with me. That ugly language I do not understand ends with me. I will not be a carrier of hate. I will continue to speak my own beautiful language. So I take each interaction, each relationship I've had, as a lesson learned or a reinforcement of the things I know. I've pressed the reset button and I know that I have the clarity of mind to not be judged by my yesterdays, by others, or myself.

So now. I carry with me the lessons, the wisdom, and the positive energy that will get me to my dreams. :)

I had someone that has deeply impacted my life apologize to me today. The feeling when it happened was... a release. I felt relieved. I felt happier. I felt heat radiate from the center of my body to the tips of my toes and fingers, spreading to all of my limbs. I've reached my own understanding within myself. If he were to have never said a word, it would not affect my happiness or my own peace of mind. But to be able to offer peace to someone else, by genuinely forgiving, is simply amazing.

"I forgive you."


  1. Apology accepted haha jk. man looks like your doing your personal spring cleaning in the most depressing month of the year good job :D

  2. lol! How is January the most depressing month? It's the month where ... most of the general population feels the most hope. January is a man-made reset button. :)