Monday, January 4, 2010


Today I got some pretty big news, indirectly: I learned one of my officers wanted to resign from their post.

I hadn't received word from this officer for a good 2-3 weeks, and I have been SO WORRIED about him. Especially the fact that his Facebook was deleted. In the 21st century, that's the new sign of strange things afoot.

To me, it's a classic case of framing, and the need to RE-FRAME.

I've seen his heart. I've seen the glint in his eyes when we talk during officers' meetings about the good we do for children. I know he has such PASSION which led him here in the first place. I know he stepped up to the plate during the semester with uploading pictures on Facebook and creating a Flickr account with pictures with full-size resolutions. All on HIS OWN. Completely blew away my expectations. Not from my prodding or anything like that... His own free-will. His own strength.

I don't know what has happened in the past month. I don't know what devastating events occurred to cause him to delete his Facebook or made him frame UNICEF to be a negative drain on his time. All I know is that I've seen his STRENGTH, his INITIATIVE when he cares, and how HARD-WORKING he is. And I know that it is still in him, buried under the layers and layers of negativity.

My job is to bring it out of him.

I have to be that light for him. I have to show him, be the example, gather my boundless positive energy together and give it away. HE NEEDS IT. And I have more where that came from. I'm getting his old energy back. His fire is out. I'm re-igniting that flame. I feel like this is one of those important junctures that comes along many times in life. The chance to move on when someone is down and out OR to support them and PULL them with you.

I'm pulling. When we have the conversation, I'm going full out. I've got this.

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