Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hugs are the elixir to life. When you're feeling a bit down, a 20 second hug transforms you.

I had one of those hugs today. It caught me by surprise. It felt like love was flooding all around me. I think there should be a hug quota for everyone. That would ease a lot of minds and make lives a bit easier. Sometimes when you can't say the words, you can show it. It's how hard your squeezing, how long you think it'll take to do the job of showing some love.

One of my friends today let me know she is at risk of not being able to bring her GPA up to make it into the business school. It breaks my heart, but I firmly believe she will do the work and succeed. I promised to her that I would find a list of easy-A courses to ensure she would be able to raise her GPA and stay at UH. There is simply no reason she should have to leave, and not have her dreams realized. I will support her in her efforts. Everyone's gotta look out for each other. And everyone needs a power partner every once in a while. I gave her one of those no-air-in-your-lungs hugs just to reaffirm my commitment. I'll post updates.

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